1. 4. 2022

Companies of CSG Aerospace Division Will Present Their Products at FIDAE 2022 in Santiago

The Chilean metropolis of Santiago will be the venue of the FIDAE 2022 trade fair from the 5th to 10th of April this year. FIDAE is the largest presentation and business event in the aerospace and defense industry field in South America. The exhibitors will also include companies associated with the CSG Aerospace division of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG), specifically ELDIS, RETIA and CS SOFT companies. The companies will present their products in the national exposition of the Czech Republic in Hall D at Stand 36. ELDIS presents its main products for a comprehensive airport radar equipment solution, which it supplies to customers in many countries around the world. This includes, for example, the combined RL-2000 / MSSR-1 radar system, which combines the primary surveillance radar RL-2000 and the monopulse secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1. With this system or its individual components, the company has already succeeded, for example, in Czechia, Hungary, Poland, India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Jordan, Malaysia and South Korea. In India, for example, RL-2000 / MSSR-1 combined radar systems cover 99 percent of the country and form the backbone of civil aviation traffic control. As part of a comprehensive ELDIS airport equipment solution, it also offers the PAR-E precision landing radar or the ERDIS radar display system. The highlight of RETIA’s exhibition will be the special ReTwis 5 portable radar, which is able to detect and monitor people and living beings behind non-metallic obstacles. With this top device, RETIA has already succeeded, for example, in the USA as well as in Europe, and the Police of the Czech Republic has also been equipped with the device. RETIA will also present a scale-model of one of its main products, the compact 3D radar called ReGuard, which is designed primarily for the detection and simultaneous tracking of land and slow low-flying targets with a small radar cross section. It has a range of up to 18 km, can monitor targets up to heights of 3 km and works on the basis of electronic deflection of radar beams and mechanical rotation of the radar head. It is also suitable for locating and tracking drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, so it can function as part of anti-drone systems. RETIA offers it in a stationary or mobile version. CS SOFT company will present its key products for air traffic control services. These will include the ALS ATM system, the ATC simulator, the PAGODA solution for monitoring of datalink traffic, the Traffic Complexity Manager and the improved multi-purpose tool for situational awareness and investigation of air incidents called RadarView. CS SOFT specializes in the development of comprehensive and scalable air traffic control software solutions within its development and business activities. It develops and supplies systems that process flight plan data, radar data and other flight data necessary to maintain an overview of air traffic and its management. The product portfolio of the company is complemented with 2D and 3D ATC simulators, which are part of full-fledged air traffic controller training. The company also deals with air and ground operational situations by developing surveillance and monitoring systems as a means of maintaining an overview. It also relates to multi-purpose tools that enable the comprehensive and secure distribution of sensitive data of various formats between systems. FIDAE (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) is a trade fair and air show that has been held every two years in the capital of Chile, Santiago, since 1980 (since 1990 under the acronym FIDAE). Two years ago, the fair was cancelled, but in 2018 it was attended by 533 exhibitors from 50 countries. At that time, the largest event of its kind in South America was attended by 120,000 experts, delegations, and guests from more than 40 countries.