TATRA TRUCKS is one of the oldest car factories in the world. Its main production program focuses on heavy-duty off-road vehicles and off-road combined transport vehicles, which are constantly being improved in response to increasing customer requirements. In 2013, the company was taken over by new owners and underwent a successful restructuring. Today, TATRA TRUCKS employs 1 300 permanent employees, and 80 percent of its production is exported. The factory is also an important partner of the Czech Army and supplies its world-known chassis to customers around the world.   PP Partners has been cooperating with TATRA TRUCKS in the field of media communication for several years, and it has co-created a media image of the oldest Czech car manufacturer. PP Partners provides its client with a comprehensive press service, including crisis communication and media communication, and it helps organize its events. For example, communication with the media led by PP Partners helped to avert the risk of insolvency of the company in the crisis years 2012/2013 and contributed to maintaining the confidence of partners and smooth transition to new owners without the need to stop production.   Tatra vyrazila na cestu kolem světa Oprava Slovenské Strely je v polovině


CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) is a holding following the tradition of the Czechoslovak industry, which supports and develops activities of modern and traditional Czech and Slovak companies in the field of defense and civilian industrial production. Its portfolio includes the manufacture and sale of military and special vehicles, off-road trucks, weapons and weapon systems, ammunition, engineering products for the automotive, rail and aviation industries, and brake systems for rail vehicles, as well as road transport and logistics services. The Group puts strong emphasis on the quality of its products and services and on its export activities. The products of the holding companies can be found on all continents, and the number of its customers continues to grow. PP Partners provides CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP with all media communication including contact with the media, spokesman services, crisis communication and event organization. PP Partners also provides these services to all CSG companies and businesses. Media communication led by the agency contributes to the good public image of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP. CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP koupila největšího autorizovaného prodejce Hyundai Pardubická RETIA a její současné projekty v oblasti obranného průmyslu


PP Partners’ portfolio of clients included DIGI CZ, now Telly, the leading Czech satellite and internet television operator, for ten years. It has been operating on the Czech market since 2006 and since April 2015, it has been part of the Czech investment group LAMA ENERGY GROUP. Telly operates two television platforms – satellite and internet – and maintains a strong position in the field of digital broadcasting by stable pricing policy, a wide range and exclusive programs. In addition to digital broadcasting, the company also runs a mobile operator under the LAMA mobile brand and provides DSL connections in several different packages. For ten years, PP Partners provided the operator with all media communication and contact with the media, services of the spokesman, and cooperated on the operator’s marketing campaigns. Media communication led by PP Partners contributed to raising awareness of the operator’s brand and products. Naváže Messi na nedělní kanonádu? Sledujte slavné El Clásico na DIGI TV


The holding company LAMA ENERGY GROUP (LEG) is a dynamically developing capital-strong group of Czech and foreign companies operating in the Central European, Asian, and North American regions. The group includes companies specializing in the sale of gas and electricity to end customers, in the extraction of oil and gas, or in the production, distribution and sale of heat and hot water. LEG has also been looking for energy business opportunities outside its home region. A company purchasing and selling petroleum products in North America became its subsidiary in 2011. For ten years until the beginning of 2020, PP Partners provided LAMA ENERGY GROUP with all media communication, including contact with the media, spokesman services, crisis communication and event organization. PP Partners also provided these services to most companies that were part of the group. Media communication led by the agency contributed to raising awareness of the LAMA ENERGY GROUP holding.

JOB AIR Technic

In February 2020, PP Partners organized a press conference and event on the opening of a new hangar for JOB AIR Technic, a member of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding, right on the premises of the company at the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport. The event, which attracted a lot of media attention including Czech Television reporters, was attended by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade and the Moravian-Silesian Region representatives. The JOB AIR Technic maintenance organization was established in 1993. In 2008, it built a new maintenance hangar and received a maintenance license for the Boeing 737, and three years later an Airbus A320 aircraft. In 2017, the company also received maintenance licenses for Airbus A330 aircraft. The company specializes in so-called heavy maintenance, often associated with the change of aircraft operator. In 2016, JOB AIR Technic became part of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding. In 2019, the second repair hangar with workshop, warehouse and administrative facilities was completed. Mošnovské letiště se rozšířilo o jeden hangár. Poslouží i k opravě Boeingů a Airbusů

Kovosvit MAS

Kovosvit MAS is an engineering company with almost eighty years of tradition. In 2016, it got into financial problems due to insufficient diversification of the customer portfolio and disadvantageous cooperation with foreign partners. The company did not pay its liabilities, did not pay wages to employees, who therefore wanted to leave Kovosvit. Then, Industry Innovations joined the company as a strategic investor, thanks to which the situation in the company stabilized and the next stage of its development has begun. PP Partners provided external communication for Kovosvit MAS, cooperating with both the company management and Industry Innovations. Through the press releases, we informed the media and the general public about important events in the company or about significant news.


The CEMACH project is a creative competition for secondary school and college students in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The main objective of the competition is to acquaint students with contemporary Israel as a country interesting for travel, business, education and cultural enrichment. In addition to organizing the competition, PP Partners provides a series of lectures and presentations on Israel at secondary schools in the Czech Republic and in Israel.

CS Soft

CS Soft is a traditional supplier of state-of-the-art ATM systems and aviation solutions. Over the past 30 years, a small Czech company, a pioneer in ATM, has become a dynamic European company with advanced software development methods, rich experience, extensive product portfolio and successful installations on four continents for both civilian and military forces. The company places great emphasis on flexibility and customer needs and its size enables it to create reliable tailor-made solutions. On the other hand, it can rely on the strong background of the established brand of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding. PP Partners provides CS Soft with complete media communication, including press office and press spokesman services. PP Partners media communication contributes to increasing brand awareness at home and abroad. The Czechs developing systems that make air traffic all over the world safer


DAKO-CZ is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical, and hydraulic brake systems for rail vehicles with a tradition of more than 200 years. The company with annual turnover of almost 40 million euros, in which 70 % of the orders are international, is based in Třemošnice in eastern Bohemia. The majority owner of the company is CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s. The second shareholder is Tatravagónka Poprad a.s., the most important manufacturer of freight wagons and undercarriages in Europe. Tatravagonka is owned by Optifin Invest and Budamar Logistics. PP Partners provides DAKO-CZ with complete media communication, including press office and spokesman services. PP Partners media communication contributes to increasing brand awareness at home and abroad. Výrobce brdových systémů překonal miliardový obrat


Fine Gusto Nature was founded in 2014 and employs dozens of employees in a production plant Pardubice. The company specializes in the production of high-quality beef and turkey dried meat. Thanks to their high protein content and negligible amount of salt, the Fine Gusto products are suitable for athletes and busy managers. The company’s manufacturing practices are based on family recipes and traditions. The company’s turnover increased from CZK 30 million in 2018 to CZK 42 million in 2019. PP Partners provided the company with complete media communication, including press office and press spokesman services, as well as social media communication. Po projektu „CineStar zdravě“ přichází další spolupráce: Sušené maso a semínka VegUp budou díky společnosti CORNiCO v dalších 250 kinech