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PP Partners Prague has been established in 2007, primarily offering HR services specialized on headhunting for key manager positions. The Managing Director and also a key consultant of the firm was Ján Dolejš, an experienced personalist and manager.

In 2010, the focus of the company has been expanded after the appointment of Andrej Čírtek, a new PR consultant who was previously employed as a spokesperson and head of communications department at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. Under his lead, significant public relations projects were started on behalf of clients from the fields of power grid management, defence industry, betting business, diplomacy and others.

In 2013, Ján Dolejš left the firm to start his new HR project EXPEO Prague Ltd. Andrej Čírtek has taken over as the Managing Director and the company’s main focus has shifted to public relations.


Andrej ČírtekAndrej Čírtek

Andrej Čírtek is the Managing Director of the company and a key PR consultant.

Between 2004 and 2009, he was employed as a spokesperson and a head of communications of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, where he started off in 2002 as a communications specialist for media and public.

His professional career began in 2001 with the position of product manager in company which operated the then-dominant Czech internet portal Andrej has gained his Master’s degree from Law at the Charles University Law School. He speaks Czech, English and Italian.