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Steve Bannon and Lanny Davis will come to Prague on invitation of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and CEVRO University

15. 02. 2019

Steve Bannon, Republican and Former White House chief strategist to President Trump, and Lanny Davis, Democrat and Former White House special counsel and Hillary Clinton supporter will debate each other on Tuesday, 22. 5. At 3 pm in Prague´s Žofín Palace at the debate moderated by former Czech minister of defense and ambassador to USA Alexandr Vondra. Both influential Americans were invited to Prague by industrial holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) in cooperation with CEVRO University.

The Czech company TATRA DEFENSE VEHICLE is going to service Pandur IFVs of the Czech army

17. 05. 2017

TATRA DEFENSE VEHICLE (TDV) from the holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP concluded a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic to service Pandur II wheeled armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles after several months of challenging negotiations. The new service contract will bring the army a substantial improvement in speed and cost of service.

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